eeshaun is represented by Mulan Gallery
at 36 Armenian Street, #01-07.

For enquiries on sale of artwork, please contact the gallery.

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    1. Daniel and Carol Wedding Card
    2. Ark Industries Embroidery
    3. Humaniticity: Singapore Contemporary Art Show
    4. Pepys Hill Painting
    5. Project Dengzi 凳子
    6. West Coast PAssion Arts Festival
    7. PEACE-Connect Mural
    8. The South Beach (Part 2)
    9. Uniqlo Paperbag
    10. Kult Power Records
    11. Supermama Fruit Cushions
    12. Singapore Illustration Arts Fest
    13. Ascott Lyf Mural
    14. London Illustration Fair
    15. Illustrious World Prints
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    1. Snupped Macbook Cases
    2. FARM Calico Cat Plush
    3. The Mill x WeJungle: Destruction and Rebirth
    4. Freitag Design-A-Truck Contest
    5. DREAM Interiors Rush & Crush
    6. Hewlett-Packard x OIC Wear Your Pride
    7. Pioneer Portraits SG50
    8. The South Beach
    9. Sam and Jo Letterpressed Wedding Card
    10. Singapore River Festival
    11. National Gallery Art Connector
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    1. Fabrix Iphone Case
    2. Kiero Patata
    3. Disney Calendar Project
    4. i Light Marina Bay
    5. Kult Mag Issue 13: Memory
    6. Art Loft Prints
    7. PRISM
    8. Kiehls 10th Anniversary
    9. Singapore T-shirt Festival
    10. Kult x Creatory Frankenstein Freakshow
    11. Art Loft 49 going on 50
    12. Grub Noodle Bar
    13. Lekker Design Studio
    14. Project Jewel Mural
    15. MightyJaxx Xmas Cookie Party
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    1. OH! Marina Bay
    2. Campaign City: Life in Posters
    3. Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
    4. We Decide What is Right
    5. Singapore Night Festival
    6. Hilltop Hijinx 2
    7. The U Press No. 3
    8. Kingbrown Mag
    9. 100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Songs
    10. The Smoke-Filled Room
    11. Residents Only
    12. Old School Tiffin Carrier
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    1. Foneclay Android UI
    2. Chasing Dreams: Remaking of Tiong Bahru
    3. If I only knew what to say to you
    4. Action for AIDS
    5. Luxeplates Iphone
    6. Chairity 2012
    7. NOOKA Toy
    8. Lacoste Live!
    9. Herman Miller x Saturday in Design
    10. Hell Lotus Show
    11. Superslyde Xmas
    12. Girls. Books. Change
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    1. We Are Not Aimless
    2. Gambatte Nippon!
    3. Red Army Camera
    4. Synaesthesia
    5. Modemag
    6. Watch This Space!
    7. Raw Art Face Off
    8. Idolism @ Curious Teepee
    9. adidas all 24
    10. Smiggle
    11. Zuji Get Out Of The Dot
    12. House of Incest
    13. Artease (Part 2)
    14. Artease (Part 3)
    15. Transit Skatebords (Part 2)
    16. Cable Car Sky Art Gallery
    17. Zirca Shapeshifters 3 / Superga
    18. Browsing Copy Series 2
    19. Too many things on my mind
    20. Starhub HUB campaign
    21. Facebook
    22. Tiger Translate Metropolis
    23. Its Monday We're Alive
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    1. Liquid City Vol.2 Book
    2. Pushin' On Banner
    4. Anything Also Anyhow Exhibition
    5. Pameran Poskad 2010
    6. Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy Show
    7. National Day 2010 Tote Bag
    8. The Art and Science of Shopping
    9. World of Watches Magazine
    10. Campaign City: Life in Posters
    11. Cut Out Magazine
    12. Transmission: Experience
    13. Animax Anime Manga Exhibit
    14. Artease Bubbletea
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    1. Zookimono ipod skins
    2. Adidas 60th Anniversary Party
    3. Binge Drinkin' Postcard
    4. Mascot
    5. Maxis Friendster 3G TVC
    6. A Nice Set Exhibition
    7. Slow Loris Bags
    8. Bishan Circle Line Artwall
    9. Scuderia Sportiva Mural
    10. Hypercolor Exhibit
    11. Marley Magpie Book
    12. Hewlett Packard TTFN!
    13. A6 Future
    14. Crossville Papertoys II
    15. OIC 3x3 by 30 Exhibition
    16. Yahoo! Concept Car
    17. Toby's Dessert Asylum
    18. IKEA x U.L.O
    19. The Ark Project Book
    20. TRCC Wall mural
    21. Personal Circles Exhibit, Osaka
    22. Transit Skateboards
    23. FARM x Museum postcard
    24. Asia Pacific Breweries Mural
    25. MICA Mascots
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    1. Little Miisty Mural
    2. Kult Custom Helmet
    3. Yakult Print Campaign
    4. Tiger First Press
    5. Casey Chen Throw
    6. Alvar Aalto Vase
    7. 16" Tofu custom
    8. Discovery Channel TVC
    9. Pushin' On Tee
    10. ION Orchard artwall
    11. Adiartist Exhibition
    12. Singapore Supergarden
    13. ANIC Superheroes Tee
    14. Magazine
    15. Save Your Skin, NY
    16. The Butter Factory
    17. PSFK Asia Conference
    18. Don't Panic Pack
    19. Sunday Morning Tees
    20. Youth Olympic Games Mural
    21. The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights Book
    22. Pameran Poskad Exhibit
    23. The Independence Project
    24. YOLO: Keep the Dream Alive
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    1. Treeflower Wall Vinyl
    2. 100 Chairs
    3. STAMP 01
    4. Tagger Bags
    5. Khong Guan Biscuit Lamp
    6. Gardensilly Second Life
    7. NUS Mixed Reality Labs
    8. Tiger Translate 07
    9. Trexi Series 3
    10. Sumi's Room mural
    11. Nike Windrunner Bearbrick
    12. Wedding Party
    13. 20/20 Exhibition
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    1. ClubSTA Interactive Artwall
    2. 8" Munny Custom
    3. Singapore Fashion Fest 06
    4. Pictoplasma: Essence of Bunny
    5. Der Arch Indonesia
    6. onedotzero singapore
    7. Victoria Junior College Mural
    8. Vinyl Pulse
    9. Dr. Love Poster
    10. Contradiction 02
    11. Traffik Spiky Custom
    12. Crossville Papertoys I
    13. Pause: Ministry of Sound
    14. MAAD Market
    15. Stabilo Marker Launch
    16. 10" Trexi
    17. Berlin Boxdoodle
    18. Rhodia No. 12
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    1. Gardensilly Origin
    2. Localbrand T-shirt
    3. FARM Rojak 02
    4. Sexliesandfairytales
    5. IdN Designedge 05
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    1. Anything Also Anyhow Show
    2. Busy Happy People
    3. Monster Bash
    4. Chaos in the Disco (Adidas)
    5. Darren-Melanie's Wall
    6. MAAD mural
    7. Esprit Live Painting
    8. Lightz Out Esplanade
    9. Le Monde Est Nous
    10. Kiddy Cats
    11. Everyone Loves to boogie...
    12. Chris Baril's Painting
    13. Electric Boogaloo
    14. Too many things on my mind
    15. If I only knew what to say to you
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    1. Anything Also Anyhow Show
    2. Marker Mayhem
    3. Voodoo Forest
    4. Pearson Sketch
    5. Illustrating Illustrators
    6. Black Jazz & Board
    7. IDN 15th Anniversary logo
    8. MAAD drawings
    9. Pocket of Dreams
    10. Magic Mushrooms
    11. Patterns for Colouring
    12. Curious Dog with the Flowering Nose
    13. Playtime!
    14. Explode!
    15. Pop Revolution
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19 Dec 2014: The Electrifying Gingerblackman Exposing His Pulsating And Colourful Guts. Ink on vinyl. A custom of Jason Freeny's dissected gingerbread for the Mightyjaxx Cookie Party. On show at Front Row at Raffles Hotel Atrium from 19 Dec till 26 Dec 2014.
Dec 2014: 1km long mural hoardings for Project Jewel, a new retail and lifestyle complex at Changi Airport opening in 2018. This mural was created from 200 public art submissions in Singapore, selected out of 1,600 entries based on the theme 'Imagine' from a nationwide competition.

(News article here)

Nov 2014: New painting for architectural firm Lekker Design inside their studio at 82 Tiong Poh Road. Thanks so much Shing and Joshua!
9 Oct 2014: Wall mural for Grub Noodle Bar at 221 Rangoon Road, Singapore. Drop by for some yummy beef noodles!
Zapstraction No. 1 (Edition of 50, 42 x 59.4cm), a new glicee print for Art Loft's 2nd pop-up show 49 going on 50 at Tiong Poh Road. On show from Aug 28 to Sep 4, 2014. To buy, please visit artloft's website.
Digital print for Kult x CreatorySG's Frankenstein Freakshow at 37 McTaggart Road. Show runs from 23-24 Aug 2014. A2 prints (edition of 50) are available for sale at SGD100, please contact me.
Artwork for Singapore T-shirt Festival 2014, organised by Legendary and curated by Monster Gallery. Each t-shirt is printed using Direct to Garment printing technology and is available for sale here at Singapore T-shirt Festival for SGD$49. Exhibition runs from 1-29 July at the National Design Centre. Buy one today!
Artwork for Kiehls 10th anniversary in Singapore and Kiehls Nature + The City campaign. This illustration was inspired by the Calendula Flower and Kiehls' commitment to conserving the environment.

Artwork details: 29cm × 42cm, Glicee print on canvas. Edition of 1. Proceeds from the sale of this artwork will contribute to the Garden City Fund (a registered charity by the National Parks Board). Interested parties can email to with your name, contact details and bid. (Bidding starts from SGD100). 

Bidding will close as of 8 Aug 2014. Thanks for your bids and good luck!

July 2014 - Commissioned artwork for Prism snapbacks. Get yours here from
4 New, limited edition Giclée art prints. Each artwork is printed with archival inks on 100% cotton rag archival paper, and are signed and numbered (Edition of 50). Now available for purchase from!
Confessions of the Confectionary Cult. Edition of 50. (42 x 59.4cm)
I Would Rather Quit My Job and Be Lost. Edition of 50. (42 x 59.4cm)
I Could Use An Escape To Nowhere At All. Edition of 50. (42 x 59.4cm)
Framed prints at the Art loft Launch Party on Wed 16 April, inside a gorgeous shophouse at 22/24 Crane Road Singapore.
Illustration for Kult magazine's 13th issue: Memory. This artwork is a tribute to the legendary 60s Singaporean comic duo 王沙野峰 (wang sha ye feng), who cracked dialect jokes freely on national TV, until chinese dialects were banned in the early 80s shortly after the speak mandarin campaign was introduced.
ScribbleDribbleQuibble (7.30min) Interactive video installation for i Light Marina Bay 2014. From 7 - 30 March 2014.

Abstract: ScribbleDribbleQuibble is a fun, site-specific video and sonic installation that explores the notion of street art and graffiti as a transient and sustainable art form in our city-state. It hopes to change the negative notion of graffiti into an ephemeral art form, and one that does not leave marks in our cities but is a complete experience of light, sound and motion. The installation suggests that the possibility of digitalising graffiti into short, playful animations projected onto an urban façade may be the new, eco-friendly way of keeping the city graffiti-free, yet allowing people to have the freedom of expression through temporary graffiti.

(Credits - Art: eeshaun. Animation: Kashmira Kasmuri. Sound: Chong Li Chuan. Video/Technical Producer: Geraldine Coutellier/Kenneth Cheong. Ipad app: Dissolve by Dan Hassin. Curatorial Team: Ong Swee Hong, Andrew Lee, Tai Lee Siang)

ilight 2
Illustrations for The Walt Disney Company Artist Calendar Project.
Wall mural illustration for Kiero Patata, a fast-food restaurant in the Dominican Republic.
Spanking new Iphone 5 cases designed in collaboration with Fabrix. $39 USD each. Buy it here!
(Photography by Fabrix)