eeshaun is represented by Mulan Gallery
at 36 Armenian Street, #01-07.

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Gardensilly is the studio of eeshaun, an artist and illustrator living in Singapore.
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Tiger Translate
Tiger Translate, Berlin-Singapore| April 13, 2007. Artwork for Tiger Translate's Rise submission, with a limited-edition book published by IDN. Available at all leading graphic book stores.
Tiger Translate 11
Tiger Translate Rise book
Tiger Translate 12
Tiger Translate 13 Party x Tiger Translate, Blue Jaz Cafe, August 4, 2007| Acrylic on Wood | Mural for tiger translate and magazine at Blu Jaz Cafe, Singapore. Assisted by Ng Wee Siong, Steve Lawler, Sheryo, Mindflyer, Fei, Mei yen, and many other friends who came to help paint the giant 3m x 3m artwork.
Tiger Translate2
Tiger Translate3
Tiger Translate4
Tiger Translate5
Tiger Translate6
Tiger Translate7
Tiger Translate8
Tiger Translate9